Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bijli Mahadev

30 July, 2011
My friend, Rajesh and I started this small trip to Himachal as a re-union with one of our old friend Bali at his home in Gander, near Sujanpur Tira apart from exploring some other sites. Our plan was to cover Bijli Mahadev, Rewalsar Lake, Bali's home, Shikari Devi (via Budha Kedar), Kamru Nag Lake, Karsog, Tattapani and back to Delhi. 

We reached Kullu on the morning of 30 July'11 and took a bus to Bijli Mahadev (7,874 ft - 10 Km) from Kullu Bus Station. To reach upto the main shrine, one has to trek 2.8 km up passing through some of the villages, the beautiful deodar forest. The temple is one of the most sacred in the entire valley and is frequented by the locals as well as travellers. As per the popular belief, every year the lightening (Bijli) strikes the shaft above the temple and breaks Shiva lingam into pieces (which symbolises that Lord Shiva absorbs all the sufferings/dangers falling onto the world upon himself). The lingam is later restored by the temple priest using butter.

This is where the trek starts and ends. Jai Bhole Shankar!!!

Look at the happiness on the face of Rajesh as initially he was in pain when we started climbing up

Beautiful Kullu Valley across Beas River through deodar trees

Delighted to find this open area near the temple with some camps (for meals/overnight stay). Some muddy ponds, grazing horses, blue sky with plane like cloud, flying bird, deodar trees all adding to the beauty of the place

Steps leading to the main shrine

Sanctum sanctorum with the Shiva Lingam. Jai Bijli Mahadev!!!

Nandi, the divine bull (mount of Lord Shiva) guarding and facing the temple

Tall poll facing the temple (the lightening strikes this poll)

Me with enchanting Bhuntar Valley in the background and meandering Beas
View from the top (deodar trees appear as hair, the two ponds as eyes and the trail as nose)
Wild beauties on the way back
Mesmerizing Beas from Victoria Bridge, Mandi with ancient temples

The mouth watering apple orchards on the way whet our appetite, so we had chickpeas (chole) stuffed inside the butter bread (band) when we got to Kullu and moved on to Mandi for overnight stay at Bali's place.

Two more interesting things that we enjoyed on our way to Kullu were Pandoh Dam and 2.8 km long tunnel at Aut. The water falling out of the dam was so fascinating that we decided to stop at the dam while coming back as we were in a bus that time and were not expecting anything so exciting. The serene river just behind the dam with mild mist spread out was very enchanting. However, while coming back the water from the dam was not flowing that massively as we had seen it earlier, so we decided to continue to Mandi. This was the first time when we had entered into such a long tunnel, the experience was really unforgettable. 

More in the coming posts!!! Till then, happy travelling!!!


  1. अरे भाई ये तो खम्बों का भी बाप है, मैंने नहीं देखा है।

  2. Vakai,vaise lambai se jyada photography ka effect hai. Samne se dekhne mein itna lamba nahi lagta jitna photo mein dikhta hai..

  3. बहुत ही सुन्दर फोटू !!!