Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sunjanpur - Sunder Nagar - Mandi - Janjehli

2/3 August, 2011
Today's plan was to go to Mandi and from there to Janjehli Valley for the trek to Shikari Devi. The day was as lazy as I was. I got up a bit late, had morning tea and walked out with Bali to take bath at the village dhara (natural water stream flowing from the mountains). Just a km up from this place, we had received some very good views of Dhauladhar range when I visited Bali last time for his marriage. We thoroughly enjoyed the natural bath in open and by the time we reached back home it was almost the lunch time. So we started our bike journey only after the lunch with sweet memories at Bali's place, by this time I became sure that we will not be able to reach Janjehli today.

initially thought that the day would not be a fruitful day in terms of travelling, but a pleasant surprise was waiting for me near Sunder Nagar.   

Serene Beas from a bridge near Sujanpur Tira

Riding through beautiful woods on the way to Mandi 

Ghasyarin (the grass cutter women) on the way

Beautiful reservoir in Sunder Nagar

Spent some here just enjoying the nature's bounty to Sunder Nagar

Enjoying the fascinating lake and enchanting layers of mountains in the background 

Bali beside the lake enjoying his Bhutta

Sunder Nagar between a sunder hill and a sunder lake

Captured this mouse like figure in the sky in this beautiful city
After enjoying the nature's gifts at this place, we moved to Mandi and arrived late evening. We left our luggage at Bali's place and moved out to visit ancient Bhimkali Temple. The story goes that Goddess Kali declared that she would re-incarnate in a huge form like Bhima (one of the pandavas, heroes of epic Mahabharata) to protect  the meditating sages from the demons and would be known as Bhimakali. Later during their exile, the pandavas spent few days in Mandi on the bank of holy river Vipasha (now Beas) and worshiped Goddess Bhimakali. The entire temple is built as if the Goddess Kali is sitting on the back of a tiger (see the head of the tiger in the picture below). One can also spot the figures of pandavas with Draupadi (wife of pandavas).

After the temple exploration, we picked up some food from a local restaurant and came back home to finish the day with these delicacies of Mandi.

Jai Maa Bhimakali !!! 
Next morning, as planned Bali and me both set out to go to Janjehli to visit Shikari Devi. On the way, we stopped to click the temple during the day and took a bus to a place just before Pandoh. Upon arrival here, we got to know that one bus had left and the next bus would come a bit late. By the time the next bus arrived, it was already noon, so Bali dropped the idea of going to Janjehli and I moved alone the second time to Janjehli. 

Janjehli (2150 mt), a small village nearly 80 km from Mandi is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. It is the base for the trek to Shikari Devi Temple, 16 km up from here. Tall deodar trees, apple orchards, lush green meadows, small beautiful streams and enchanting views all add to the beauty of this amazing and quite place. The road to Janjehli is bad at some patches, our bus also got punctured at Thunag and this gave me some time to click some beauties on the way. 

Entering the fascinating Janjehli Valley
I had reached Janjehli before the sunset, so thought to visit Pandav Shila, a village 2 km before Janjehli. As per the locals, the massive rock (Pandav Shila) belongs to pandavas and is actually a filtering stone which came out of the tobacco pipe of pandavas while they were in this village during their exile (which now has grown multi-fold from its original size). To my surprise and as per the villagers, one can strangely move the massive rock only with a finger. I was very eager to try this natural wonder, though not with a finger but I managed to move this rock with both my hands.

Pandav Shila, a natural rock    

Captivating Janjehli Valley
After trying my hand at Pandav Shila, I walked back to Janjehli enjoying the natural beauties around. I had my lunch cum dinner and explored some of the temples in Janjehli before going back to my guest house for a good night's sleep with the sweet memories of the wanderings so far and tomorrow's trekking expedition to Shikari Devi. 


  1. विपिन भाई बहुत शानदार यात्रा रही होगी, दिखाते रहो, पढवाते रहो।

  2. विपिन भाई बहुत ही अच्छी यात्रा और फोटो भी बहुत ही शानदार हैं क्या आप हिंदी में नहीं लिख सकते हैं एकबार कोशिश तो कीजिये .....

  3. Very well presented post .Loved reading it and thanks for beautiful pictures.
    A big thanks for the follow up .

  4. Sabhi ko shukriya. Suresh bhai, hindi se prem hai lekin kuch takniki karanon ki vajah se nahi likh pa raha, lekin jald hi shuru karunga.